Herniated Disc

What is it and how do we treat it?

Healthy Spine

A healthy spine facilitates free movements while supporting your entire body. The spine facilitates movements with the aid of three natural curves and flexible muscles. The muscles help you maintain optimal spinal alignment. The bones of the spine (vertebrae) are separated by intervertebral discs that offer a cushioning benefit, serving an essential role in back health.

Back Herniated Disc

Lumbar disc herniation is a medical condition wherein one or more of the spinal discs in the lower back (lumbar) region slip out of place, get ruptured, or bulge outwards. The spinal discs are spongy substances that offer padding to the spinal vertebrae. They absorb the shock of your vertebrae grinding against each other, allowing you to move flexibly without discomfort. When the spinal disc is damaged, the interior components of the disc may bulge outwards, a condition known as disc herniation.

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Spinal discs are essential for the functionality and health of the lower back. They absorb the shock between your vertebrae, allowing them to move freely without friction, and they support the upper body. The spinal discs facilitate optional movements without pain and discomfort. Disc herniation occurs when the external shell of the spinal disc cracks and the internal nucleus spills outwards. The bulging components of the spinal disc may pinch the surrounding nerves, triggering severe pains that extend down the legs.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy refers to a series of exercises that help you restore optimal spinal functionality and range of movement and avoid re-injuries in the future. Physical therapists study your anatomy, understand your concerns, offer detailed instructions to help you maintain the optimal posture, and offer exercises to strengthen the abdomen, leg muscles, and back muscles. They also offer stretching exercises to improve flexibility and restore optimal range of motion.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy refers to a group of non-invasive solutions that improve overall spinal health and wellness. Some of the most common holistic therapies include biofeedback, acupressure, nutritional supplements, and acupuncture. Holistic therapy is an effective solution for pain management and general health.

Surgical Treatment

If the non-surgical and conservative solutions don’t work, your pain doctor may recommend surgery for lumbar disc herniation, known as a discectomy. Your pain doctor should only recommend surgery if all other conservative solutions have failed or if you have severe nerve damage and weakness in your legs. Surgery is a last resort solution to disc herniation.

What to expect after


Your back might feel sore and stiff after surgery for a few weeks. Some patients notice immediate improvements in symptoms after surgery, whereas others notice gradual improvements over several weeks. You may have trouble sitting or standing in one position for extended periods after surgery, and you may even need pain medicine, but the side effects will dissipate over several weeks. Most patients can resume most of their daily activities after 8 weeks.

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