Spinal Stenosis

What is it and how do we treat it?

Healthy Spine

A healthy spine facilitates free movements while supporting your entire body. The spine facilitates movements with the aid of three natural curves and flexible muscles. The muscles help you maintain optimal spinal alignment. The bones of the spine (vertebrae) are separated by intervertebral discs that offer a cushioning benefit, serving an essential role in back health.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition wherein the spaces between the vertebrae of the spinal column (the spinal canal) start narrowing. When the spinal canal is narrowed, the surrounding nerves are also compressed, leading to painful symptoms in different parts of the body. Most people with spinal stenosis can lead full and active lives, but severe spinal stenosis conditions necessitate immediate attention.

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Spinal stenosis may occur because of numerous reasons, such as osteoarthritis and the gradual wear and tear of the spinal components. If you have severe spinal stenosis, the spine surgeon may recommend a surgical procedure to expand the space in the spinal canal, thus freeing the compressed nerves. However, surgical intervention should be a last resort option if all other non-surgical solutions fail.


Non-Surgical Treatments

Non-surgical solutions for mild to moderate spinal stenosis include physical therapy, steroid injections, and medications.

Traditional Back Surgery

Spinal fusion and decompression are surgical procedures for moderate to severe pain. They should only be attempted if all non-surgical options fail.

Minimally Invasive Back Surgery

Minimally invasive procedures, such as interspinous spacers, can decompress the spinal column without resorting to complex surgeries.

Targeted Drug Delivery

When conservative solutions don’t work, and you experience persistent pain, the pain doctor may offer targeted drugs to alleviate pain.

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