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All of our Back Pain relief treatments are performed by Harvard trained Pain specialists in New Jersey.

How have we mastered back pain relief without surgery?

We utilize advanced pain management techniques to customize a plan specific for each patient, helping them avoid complicated surgeries. What are you waiting to start your journey to a long-lasting pain relief experience?

Why Choose Us?

Harvard Trained

Our back pain center is led by Harvard-trained pain specialists with advanced training in the latest cutting-edge minimally invasive pain treatments. Our interventional pain specialists have appeared in 50+ publications on TV and print media. Besides excellent credentials and reputation, our pain doctors are incredibly compassionate and dedicated to ensuring a comfortable experience for all patients.

Industry Leaders

Our back pain center in New Jersey is a center for excellence in non-surgical, non-narcotic pain medicine. We follow the latest and strictest set of patient safety guidelines, our doctors undergo board certification and attend annual conferences, and our medical center is equipped with the latest technologies for pain treatments. Pain specialists from across the country shadow our doctors and observe treatments at our back pain center.

Board Certified

Our back pain center in New Jersey is led by board-certified pain specialists. To get board-certified in pain medicine, doctors must complete several challenging professional milestones, such as residency training and fellowships in relevant fields, complete complicated tests, and stay abreast of the latest developments in pain medicine. As such, you should ideally seek treatment from board-certified pain specialists.

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Meet Our Team of Back Pain Specialists in New Jersey


Back Pain Doctor | New Jersey

Dr. George Hanna

Dr. Hanna specializes in back pain treatments, and is currently seeing patients in our New Jersey Back Center. 

Back Pain Doctor | New Jersey

Dr. Michael Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen specializes in back pain treatments, and is currently seeing patients in our New Jersey Back Center.

Back Pain Doctor | New Jersey

Dr. Laura Lombardi

Dr. Lombardi specializes in back pain treatments, and is currently seeing patients in our New Jersey Back Center. 

Back Pain Doctor | New Jersey

Dr. Shane Volney

Dr. Volney specializes in back pain treatments, and is currently seeing patients in our New Jersey Back Center. 

Back Pain Doctor | New Jersey

Dr. Jeffrey Deygoo

Dr. Deygoo specializes in back pain treatments, and is currently seeing patients in our New Jersey Back Center

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The Back Center in New Jersey has unanimous 5-star ratings and reviews from all patients across all online platforms, including Real Self, Facebook, and Google. Our flawless reviews indicate a perfect track record with excellent standards of patient care. You can be one of our success stories — just give us a call!

Very much appreciated Dr. Volneys feedback. He was extremely thorough in his analysis and gave me great advice on how to strengthen my lower back in order to counter the pain I was experiencing. He even provided a training packet! Kelsey was great. It is good to know I can rely on Dr. Volney in the future!

Yoshua WS

6 Months ago

Searched high and wide for a pain treatment doctor who can help me with my spine pain after surgery from a horse back riding injury and dr Hanna was the only one who was able to subdue the affliction. Personable and friendly, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a high quality medical professional. Amazing!

James Belakh

4 Months ago

Dr. Hanna is a very kind and attentive physician. I like the fact that he listens and give his honest advice on any questions that I as a patient have. Procedures for injections were explained thoroughly and I was treated with kindness, concern, and empathy before, during, and after my injection. The staff are very nice and the wait times are very short. All in all I would definitely recommend a visit to this office if you are looking for great pain management care.

Tenille Morales

1 Year ago