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The Back Center in New Jersey offers FREE insurance verification for all patients, even before the appointment. Before your initial consultation, our insurance concierge will collect your insurance details to verify your coverage. This allows us to provide a comprehensive overview of your treatment cost in advance, so there are no hidden charges or surprise costs. You can proceed with the treatment with complete mental and financial clarity. After insurance verification, we will help you schedule an appointment at your nearest back pain center in New Jersey.

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FREE Insurance Verification

Once you submit your insurance details, our insurance concierge will contact you, verify your details, and work out the terms and conditions of your policy. After insurance verification, we help you schedule an appointment at the back pain center in New Jersey.

Meet your vein specialists

Meet Your Pain Specialist

Once you reach our back pain center in New Jersey, the front desk team will help you with the initial paperwork. You will then meet our Harvard-trained pain specialists. Please bring your insurance and ID cards during your initial consultation.

Treatment plan

Personalized Treatment Plan

During your initial consultation, the back pain specialist in New Jersey will discuss your symptoms, examine your back, and administer diagnostic tests to curate a personalized vein treatment plan for you. We take your lifestyle, wellness, and overall goals into consideration while curating treatment plans that meet your exact needs.

Feel better

Start Feeling Better

Next steps? Feel the results! Your pain specialist will be part of your journey every (increasingly easy) step of the way. We make sure we’re available to answer any questions you may have. Ready to take care of your veins? Let’s get started.

Workplace Injuries May Be Covered By Insurance

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If you experience pain at work because of an injury that occurred there, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Give us a call at (973) 310-5599 to talk with an insurance specialist, or start your insurance verification process online now:


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